11 Traveling Tips That Should not be Forgotten


A trip must be everyone’s dream guys? But the preparation and the correct way of traveling will make you more comfortable traveling. What do you think about traveling tips that you can not? Let’s see 11 Tips below for you travelmen.

Slip Ties in a Collared Shirt

we are often invited not just for walks, but also attend special or other formal events. Well so that the collar is not lecek, you can slip a belt in a collared shirt so that the position of the collar is maintained.

Put Socks In The Shoes

To save space, socks can be folded as possible in a suitcase. Well, to anticipate socks that tucked everywhere fit again dibutuhin, you can keep his socks in the shoes also lo so fitting to makai directly and not confused to find first.

Plastic Shoe Wrap or Shower Cap

Subordinate dirty shoes often so our own mind want to save where right? If you put it in your suitcase, you’ll want to stuff other things and your clothes. Even so badmood if it happened. Make anticipation of it, you can use plastic or shower cap to keep shoes to keep clean.

Save Things That Are Somewhat “Sharp” in a Safe Container

Often traveler who brought bobby bobby pins for her hair to not interfere while walking. It is safer to keep the small and sharp categorized objects stored in special containers such as candy wrappers or other containers. In addition it will make it easier for you to look for because it is stored in a special container.

Put Jewelry in the Drug Box

Well this is for you who are traveling but still want to bring your favorite necklace and ring to be OOTD. You can keep your jewelry in the medicine box to keep it one and easy to find. Anyway let more practical and can remain fashionable? This medicine box is also easy to buy and find, you can buy at the nearest pharmacy!

Place Lotion at Softlens Place

If traveling just for a while, you can save lotion or other baby cream in place softlens so that the lot does not carry and also save the place.

Bring Totebag or Plastic Bag

Dirty clothes would be your own homework when you want to take it home right? Well you also have to prepare plastic bags or totebag for your dirty clothes. Especially if you walk to the beach and swim, your clothes there must be wet. With a plastic bag, you can clothe your clothes without fear of damaging other electronic or baggage items in the bag.

Roll Your Clothes

Storing clothes to the bag or suitcase nature in the usual way will definitely take up a lot of places. Well by rolling your clothes neatly, you can save your bag. Fairly made to store other items or prepared to buy souvenirs for there ..

Roll Charge Cable

If you bring a gadget, surely also take charge right? to make it more concise and easy to carry, the long cable is better in the roll and tied with rubber to keep the rolls awake. Fear if not rolled up, the cord stuck and you pull, broken deh rich relationship already been 🙁

Do not Forget to Bring a Small Bag or Backpack

These tips for you luggage fans. Ga maybe if you want to hunting photos or things but what luggage to carry? Well, you need to bring a small bag or backpack to save the hunting and your supplies. Who knows you want to bring powerbank, wallet, or other small and important things right?

Find Ticket Promo in Various Travel Applications

It must be really you know! Currently promo tickets in travel applications again crazy. It can even be cheaper than buying directly at the ticket counter usually. So you need to be alert and ready for a good schedule when you want to go for a walk. The farther from the day of departure, the ticket price will be cheaper. So, do not forget to schedule properly too yes!

So 11 tips on traveling that you can not forget, if you guys use which tips? or any tips from you guys? Try the comments below ..


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